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“The Visiting Vet has been a godsend to both myself and my cats. Few things are more distressing than taking a reluctant or ailing cat to a vet when you have to wait, often with aggressive and noisy dogs and strange smells. Many veterinary practices are quite large with numerous practitioners so that they only know your pet from their records since you rarely see the same vet twice. Apart from the obvious convenience of having your pets seen to at home, the whole Visiting Vet experience is relaxed and efficient. My cats and I are eternally thankful that we live within the area covered by The Visiting Vet.

Esmarelda: When our cat, Esmarelda, reached the grand old age of 19, she had numerous ailments and became quite fragile. Jacq Mitchell, The Visiting Vet, helped us through the very difficult time towards the end of Esmarelda’s life and made her last days more bearable for for all of us.

Binx: When Binx was barely 3 years old, her back leg was crushed in an accident.  After the operation to amputate the leg, she was nursed back to health at home with the help of The Visiting Vet.  Thanks to Jacq, Binx is now 5 years old and is as healthy and active as ever, very playful, climbing trees as well as chasing birds and mice.
Andi Dan – Eastcote, Middleses

“With three cats, having Jacq come to us makes the yearly vaccinations so much easier.  The cats are less stressed because they’re in their own environment, and it only takes a few minutes.  Jacq is so good with them, and it’s great to get advice from a vet who’s not affiliated to one of the large chains – I know that she makes recommendations based on what’s actually necessary rather than what will make the most money for the franchise.  I have a stack of Visiting Vet cards and give them to everyone – I think it’s a wonderful service.”
Jo- Pinner, Middlesex

“My 16 year old cat has never liked going to the vet.  He has an almost sixth sense to know which day it is we have booked an appointment and then makes himself scarce. I have had to cancel several appointments because he has either not been around or managed to slip out after spotting his cage. When we did manage to get him in the car he would meow a soulful meow the whole way there.  Strangely enough he was fine once we were actually in the vet’s office but by then I was completely stressed.  Obviously we didn’t look forward to his annual check-ups.  The Visiting Vet is an excellent service.  Jacquin arrived at our home and could examine him calmly on his favourite seat on the sofa.  He was much more relaxed at home and didn’t mind getting his annual injections.  The result is a happier kitty and a happier owner. I wholeheartedly recommend this service.”
Patricia Keener – Pinner, Middlesex