Let the vet title
  • Vaccinations of dogs, cats and rabbits, initial course, boosters and 'catch-up' courses.
  • Health checks including full clinical examination
  • New pet consultations
  • Parasite control of worms, fleas and ticks
  • Nail clipping
  • Anal gland expressing
  • Preparation for pet passports
  • Microchipping
  • Sedation and grooming subject to health status
  • Minor eye, ear and skin ailment consultations
  • Minor wound repair (fight wounds, cat bite abscess, and small skin deficits)
  • Home euthanasia

If, after a visit from us, your pet requires blood tests, diagnostic procedures or surgery, they will be referred to a convenient, fully equipped veterinary clinic, if they are not already registered with one. If necessary, I will provide a letter for the referral clinic, detailing any treatment your pet has received while under my care. 

Please phone or text 07904 564713 or email me if you have any questions about the services I provide. If I think it would be better for your pet to go to a conventional surgery, I'll tell you so.