Our New Dog Has Arrived.

We’ve had The Puppy for eight weeks and now it’s hard to remember life without him.

Now I’ve managed to train the kids not to run away screaming every time he goes for their legs,  he’s settled down a lot and is content to just sit with them and be stroked.

Considering he had never put foot inside a house before he came home to us, he’s done very well.

After The Lurcher’s puppy hood, I was expecting months of puddles and poo inside and sleepless night punctuated by unhappy howling. The Lurcher never got on with her crate and we gave up after 4 sleepless months.

The Puppy doesn’t seem to mind his crate at all. He goes in at night without a whimper and can sometimes be found there during the day as well. We may have to buy him a new crate at some point though, as we thought he would end up the size of a collie but he looks like he might end up the size of a GSD instead!

He’s pretty good at toileting outside too, as long as we remember to give him the opportunity. We had 2-3 weeks of setting the timer for every 20 minutes, then every 30 minutes, then every hour, just to make sure he got outside in time, but now he seems to have the idea.

The Puppy does chew anything he can get his teeth into so the kids are quickly learning  to pick up their toys when they have finished with them. His favourite things to chew are empty milk bottles and soft toys. He has also been responsible for the sad demise of 3 My Little Ponies.

Now The Puppy is 15 weeks old and has had his vaccinations he’s enjoying coming out with us for walks.

I always let my dogs off the lead when they are young and a little unsure; this way they learn to follow you and you don’t end up with adolescent know-it-all dogs who think it’s fun to run away from you.

The Puppy loves The Lurcher and she’s learnt to tolerate him too. They expend a lot of energy playing doggy games with each other.


All those teeth do look a bit scary and sometimes the kids think they are fighting, but it is only play.

The Puppy is growing rapidly and changing as he does so. One of the fun things about getting a rescue dog is that you are never quite sure what they are going to end up looking like.

At the moment, the Puppy looks like this.

But who knows what he’ll look like in another 9 months?

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