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Dog Walking

If you lead a busy life and sometimes Rover’s walk gets forgotten, then a dog walker might be the answer. 

The best way to find a reputable dog walker is by word of mouth. Take your dog out to the local park, about mid morning and approach anyone with a dog for a recommendation! You’ll soon find out who is considered worthy to exercise the family pet and who to avoid. Give them a ring and see if they have spaces that will fit in with your needs, and they should offer to take you pooch out for a trial run.
Make sure they have insurance and don’t walk too many dogs together. Be aware a responsible walker will ask for proof that your dog is fully vaccinated and most won’t take entire adult males or females if they are in season. 

If you are near Pinner, Middlesex or a surrounding area, I can save you roaming the local green spaces in search of a recommendation. Mutley Crew have walked our family dogs off and on for the last couple of years. They are reliable and trustworthy and also offer other services such as pet sitting. They have also fed our cats/ guinea pigs/rats/ fish while we were on holiday and might just be the answer to your dog walking or pet sitting requirements too!