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Cat Vaccinations

“My cat had her vaccinations when she was a kitten but none since. She is perfectly healthy and has never had to see a vet otherwise. Why does she need to be vaccinated at all?

First of all, vaccinations will help protect your cat against some very nasty diseases. Some of which could kill her, others could make her very sick and require treatment that could result in hefty vet bills. If you want to read more about the diseases cats are vaccinated against, please click here.

Secondly, without and annual vaccination, your cat is missing out on her yearly check up. Potentially serious health problems can be picked up before they start to affect your cat, and when caught early, can be cured or controlled. When you see your vet, you have the opportunity to discuss your cat’s diet, her parasite control programme (fleas and worms) as well as any behavioural changes you may have noticed.

Thirdly, your cat will not be allowed to go into a boarding cattery if she doesn’t have her vaccinations up to date. You may think you’ll never use a cattery but it’s good to know the opportunity is there when moving house, going on holiday or when visiting friends out of town.¬†
And lastly, some pet insurance schemes will not pay out on animals if their vaccinations aren’t up to date.

Before you reach for the phone and make that appointment, please be aware that your cat will have to go back to the beginning with her vaccinations and have two lots, a few weeks apart. But after the initial course, she will only require one vaccination, once a year to keep her up to date.